25 Jahre Jubiläumskonzerte


Plakat Hallo aus Launsdorf! Wir freuen uns riesig, dass wir aufgrund unseres 25-jährigen Jubiläums zwei besondere Konzerte geben dürfen...

Outi & Lee - 25 Jahre Liebe und Musik - Jubiläumskonzerte mit CD-Präsentation:

  • Samstag, 10. November 2012 um 19:00 Uhr im Kultursaal, 9314 Launsdorf, Hauptstraße 24
  • Sonntag, 11. November 2012 um 19:00 im Life Center, 9500 Villach, Karawankenweg 2

Our new CD

"Agape" for the 25 Years anniversary!

CD Agape

Here is the 10th CD of Outi & Lee. It is released for their "25 Years Outi & Lee" anniversary. An album to celebrate! Tender, joyful, hopeful, intimate. Acoustic Praise & Worship in English and German. This album reaches out further than to the ends of this world. No mainstream, but simple, special, spiritual, individual - typical Outi & Lee.


Agape - meet the supernatural Love in word and sound. Valuable old and new lyrics in alternative interpretations. The well known and the new woven together into one harmonic picture. A carpet made of strong words and fine melodies. Whispered, sung, shouted. Sounds made of air, wood, steel, leather. Music that swings low and high. Open the heart and meet God. Relax, listen, sing, pray. Celebrate one hour of personal worship. In a different way.


New CD "Freedom"

"Do you have these new songs on CD?" "When is your new CD ready?"

CD Freiheit (Freedom)Such questions we have heard over and over again after our concerts. After one year of hard work – finally - here it is – our new CD "FREIHEIT".

We are so excited and thankful to be able to present our new album before Christmas. We hope, it will be a joy and a blessing for many during these holidays - and the years to come.

Recording, mixing and mastering again took a lot more time and energy than we expected. It's the love for the production that motivates you to work patiently – sometimes over your actual strength. We tried to keep it as simple as possible this time. But to be able to capture the atmosphere of a song sometimes takes many tries and versions. There is also very much dynamic on this album: Soft, whispering vocals on some places, loud shouting on others. A little rainmaker sound here and a heavily banged frame drum there. It was not easy to get all that dynamic on the CD. Many friends were praying for us! Thank you so much!


We already have got some very encouraging feedback on the new album. The favourite song on the CD seems to be "I Will Get Up". We also like that song a lot. The combination of Mandolin, Guitar, Tin Whistle and Vocals underlines the sensitive message. We even created a free mobilephone mp3-ringtone for download out of a phrase of that song.

We had much fun taking the cover-pics:
October was amazingly warm in Austria. We spent all of our rare free-time at the nearby Lake Laengsee and we got the fabulous idea of trying to take jumping-photos of each other there at the dock. It took more sweating and jumping around than we had thought! Without a trampoline you are not in the air that long. It was not easy to pull the trigger at the right moment. We both had to jump many times. That was good exercise and very much fun! And that way – by overcoming gravity for just a millisecond - we could capture a little taste of "Freiheit" (Freedom)!

Now one wall of our living room is covered with cardboard boxes full of "Freiheit"-CDs. We pray that each CD would have a strong impact on somebody out there!