Sound & Message

Outi & Lee with graffiti-background

Outi and Lee write most of their own songs. Often these songs are inspired by personal experiences. The message is the simple Gospel, shared in a very personal, touching and appealing way. The message always remains the focus of their music. Their lyrics are poetic, but still very realistic and challenging. They also sing some old Gospel songs and Spirituals. Their acoustic unplugged-style is very unique with a little touch of Blues and Irish Folk, some Rock, a little bit Finnish melancholian northern flavour, sometimes gentle, sometimes rough. Outi & Lee´s strength is their presence as a couple on stage and the love they communicate to their listeners. They spread hope, while seeking to challenge and encourage people.

Quotes from secular journalists:

"It´s impressive to see their natural style, how they act on stage. Their charisma is touching. A real joy of life, happiness, devotion and love - all those feelings which have become so rare, are found in their music. A music that could reach open hearts alone through it´s artistic brillance... Their music is a refreshing well of new joy and energy of life..." (Salzkammergut Zeitung Newspaper)

"In their infectious, uncomplicated way and with their lively lyrics they prove, that faith doesn´t have to be dusty..." (Passauer Neue Presse Newspaper)

"Outi & Lee are privately and on stage one heart and one soul..." (Kleine Zeitung Newspaper)

"The tender but clear and very expressive voice of the charming Outi goes very well together with the rough-sounding, black-colored voice of
her partner..." (Unterkärtner Nachrichten Newspaper)

"Music that goes into the heart, lyrics that move my hand to give, a voice that gives me the chills, silent sounds that touch my soul. Two musicians, who share a part of life with their listeners, prove strongly, that music doesn´t depend on loudness..." (Haller Stadtzeitung Newspaper)

A short history of Outi & Lee:

Outi has been working as a professional Gospel singer in Finland for about ten years. Her voice can be heard there on seven albums. Before that she was working in hospitals and orphanages. She finished Bible school and was working on a mission youth team. Lee studied media communications and linguistics at the University. He was an amateur musician at that time and was playing in one of the first Christian Rockbands in Austria. Outi and Lee met each other in 1987 at a Christian festival in Holland and got married three months later. In 1988 they dared to take the step into full-time music ministry (which is very rare in Austria).

Outi &Lee want to encourage people through their songs to follow Jesus personally. This message always shines through. Sometimes the sounds are silent and tender, sometimes the guitar gets beaten on like a drum. But the music always stays harmonic and points from darkness to light. You need to hear it! You need to experience it! It is a listening experience
and an experience to listen to.